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When the tough decision to send your child or loved one to a military school, youth treatment center, boarding school for troubled teens or any other type of program has been made, how to get them there is usually an after thought. Many times the relationship between parents and the child has broken down and the child is not willing to honor their parents wishes. The child often threatens to run away or possibly even hurt themselves or others. We are here to help. We only need the parents to ask, and our professional staff will make the transition as easy and stress free as possible, for you as well as your child.

What to do First:

Once the decision has been made to transport your child to a school or program we will require you to fill out the transport information form for your child. This is located on this website and will only take a few minutes. This will provide us with pertinent information on who best to send to escort your child to their new school. Once this is done please call the phone number above and a Coach will answer any questions, go over the procedures for transport and get to know more about your child. The itinerary for the transport will be gone over and finalization of any plans made. It is very important that your child is not made aware of your plans as the chance for them to run greatly increases.

When We Arrive at Your Home:

We are able to obtain children at any time and location. However, the procedure that works best and is our standard operating procedure is to arrive at the child's residence early in the morning or very late at night to insure that the youth is at home, preferably in bed. The parents should meet the Coaches at the front door with the clothes for the child to wear during the transport, any luggage, our paperwork, fee and contracts for the school, if applicable. These items will be placed in the car. You will then take the Coaches back to the child's room, wake the child up and introduce the Coaches and tell them that you love them and that the Coaches are there to take them to school. The parents should then go to a part of the house as not to be seen by the child. This allows full attention of the child to the Coaches. We have no problem with the parents listening in just so long as they are out of the presence of the child.

The Transport:

The Coaches will get the child dressed and take them directly out to the car. They will be placed in the back seat with the child locks on and one Coach will sit beside them. At this time we will proceed to the school. It is our policy to expedite the transportation, reaching the final destination as quickly as possible. We will call the parents as soon as we have delivered the child to the program and give a full report to the parents on the behavior and demeanor of your child during the transport. It is our policy that the child have no outside contact until they arrive at the program, so please no cell phones or pagers. It is very important for us to remove the child from the surroundings that they are comfortable in as quickly as possible, this makes them more dependant on the Coaches and less likely of an attempt to run. All airline reservations and transport time lines are made with this in mind. 


Our Coaches will explain the program or school to your child to alleviate any fears they might have. The Coaches will also coach your child on the proper attitude and outlook they should have for the program they are going to attend. 


We try to treat each transport as a "road trip" including snacks and meals. Our transport teams carry iPads to make the time pass more quickly for your child. DC Transport Service Coaches are parents too, your son or daughter is in good hands.

Resilience - Mentors build resilience in their students by providing experiences and increasing feelings of belonging, competence, optimism and usefulness. These caring adults help students build their reservoir of resilience, making them better able to face disappointment, learn from failure, cope with loss and adapt to change.


Ecological Systems Theory - Bronfenbrenner’s theory looks at child development within the context of the system of relationships that form his or her environment. What happens in one - home, school, community - impacts the youth’s functioning in all of the others. 3 M’s staff considers all three environments, analyzes the roles of stakeholders in the life of the student, and assists the students in improving their connection to all three to increase overall engagement.


Motivational Synergy - Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation can enhance or complement one another (Lepper & Henderlong, 2000). Using a lens of increasing belonging, competence, optimism and usefulness, mentors conduct ongoing assessments of motivating factors for each student, moving toward increased intrinsic motivation.


Social Capital - In education, social capital takes the form of parental expectations, obligations and social networks that exist within the family, school, and community and their importance to student success (Coleman, 1987). Mentors work closely with students, families and the school team to strengthen those connections and increase the social capital of individual mentees as well as the system as a whole.


School Culture/Cultural Literacy - When a school culture is welcoming and inclusive, and demonstrates cultural and equity literacy, students will feel safer and more likely to be understood. Mentors start with the relationship with the student and family, and using the theories of cultural and equity literacy, collaborate with the school team as the student increases his engagement with education.


To engage students and provide full access to their education, schools must provide a school culture that is welcoming and inclusive. Part of that inclusivity is included an understanding of cultural literacy. In this situation, with understanding the factors that contribute to a student’s behavior and lack of engagement.


$1,595 - $2,195 Plus Airfare

We provide a flat rate for transportation anywhere in the continental United States. This provides you with two Agents, meals and snacks, car rentals, fuel, tolls and any other incidentals for your child. We are highly experienced in booking the lowest airline fares that can match our time table goals, saving you the most money possible.


In some extreme circumstances additional costs may be added due to cancelled or delayed flights, weather conditions and other circumstances beyond our control. Other costs shall not be incurred without full knowledge of the parents. The fee schedule is based on a 24-hour clock, from time we leave until we have delivered your child to the program.


$300 - $3,995 Driving Only

In some instances we can provide transport by driving only. This sometimes takes more time, but can save the parents in the airfare expense. Driving is based on $4.50 per mile.


$2,495 Plus Airfare

This is for any destination outside the continental United States and based on the team not being out of the country for more than 12 hours.

DC Transport Service understands that this is a very emotional and stressful time for parents. Therefore, we have developed some easy to follow steps and procedures to insure a safe and efficient transport process. We also understand that each transport is unique to its own circumstances. Modifications to these procedures will be dealt with as encountered. 




Do not allow your child access to program contracts, brochures, transport information, e-mails, web addresses, or contact numbers, etc. 


Parents are required to have all information completed for transport prior to Coaches arrival. All program contracts need to be finalized and the permission to transport for DC Transport Service must be signed and notarized. Checks and/or Money orders should be made out to the appropriate parties. 


A Passport is mandatory for transports into or outside the United States. 


Please disclose all appropriate information about your child including interests and hobbies. The more information we have about your child will allow us to better deal with situations as they are encountered. 


DC Transport Service allows only one (1) carry-on bag for your child during transport. Larger suitcases, tote boxes, and roller bags are strongly discouraged. It is essential that our agents concentrate on your child rather than checking luggage and retrieving checked baggage. 


Pack only essential items for your child's first day of the program. 

The school will have a list of required items necessary for their program. Please ship separately all other items not immediately required. All prescription medications MUST be given to the coaches separately. 


Do not send your child with a cell phone, pager, money or credit cards, etc. All snacks and meals will be provided. 


Please inform the Coaches of any weapons or items in the home that could be used to cause harm. If possible please remove such items before the Coaches arrive. 


Finalize dates of transport with the coaches assigned to your case. Parents and agents will decide the best time and appropriate location to pick up the child. The ideal time and location to pick up the child is during late night hours at home while the child is asleep. In the case that the child must be picked up at a public facility (work, school, shopping malls, etc.) or at a relatives home, parents and possibly law enforcement may need to be present. This must be authorized by the agents prior to transport. The environment in which a child is picked up must be safe and secure for your child. 





Parents will meet the Coaches at the front door with the signed and notarized Permission to transport Form, our fee, any luggage, and any contracts for the school, these items will be placed in the car. 


Parents will hand the Coaches clean clothes and sandals or flip-flop type shoes for the child to wear during the transport. The parents will then take the Coaches back to the child's room, wake their child and introduce the Coaches. Parents will explain to the child that they are being escorted to a new school. Tell your child that you love them, and you feel this is in their best interest. Parents will then leave the room and go to another area of the home. 


The Coaches will explain to your child what is happening and will dress your child in the clothes you have provided, then escort them to the car. 


Parents will immediately be notified of any changes in the itinerary. The child will be told of the location of the school at the appropriate time. DC Transport Service strongly recommends that parents do not call the agents while the transport is in progress. 


It is highly recommended that the parents write letters for their child to read during the transport. This gives you and your child a sense of closure, and will allow you to tell your child things that previously you may have been unable to. 





Upon arrival to the school or program, coaches will ensure delivery of contracts, checks, and child's personal belongings, medications, and identification. 


Coaches will report the details of the transport to the Intake personnel. 


Coaches will then tour the facility, talk to the staff and where possible talk with students. 


Coaches will then notify you of your child's demeanor during the transport process and details of the school, staff and all observations thereof.

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