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Our purpose is to help students realize they matter, others matter, and what they do matters. We are also tasked with identifying ways to improve the culture of respect in their school and community. Every mentoring session is focused on addressing past issues or trauma, seeking healing and reconciliation, and learning new coping skills for the future. We at The Dooley Corporation know that our mission is to facilitate life transformation for our students and to do so we know that we also need to offer services to the entire family and school unit.  We strive to involve the families and school staff of our troubled students throughout their programming with The Dooley Corporation.




To achieve immediate and lasting change in our youth, strengthen our schools, and to improve the culture of respect in our communities by guiding the students to make healthier ethical and moral decisions.


The coaching is based on the risk level of students targeted by the program. On a continuum, higher risk students require higher levels of resources, structure, intensity of services and mentor qualifications/training. This program model is designed to provide “Low/Moderate to Intense Risk” students with academic and social support and guidance, self-esteem building, and problem-solving/conflict resolution skills. The program takes into consideration cultural competence at all levels of planning, implementation and service delivery.

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