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Dooley Corp Non Public Agency Behavior Services


School-based behavioral services are defined by many program features that contrast it to community-based behavioral models. Among the key elements frequently found in school-based behavioral programs:

1. The program operates mainly on the school campus. Whether the result of a school-community partnership or developed as a stand-alone school service, school-based behavioral programs are usually housed at the school site, with adults and youth meeting in various campus locations and the program making use of school facilities and administrative space.


2For students we offer a range of services from behavioral assessments, such as FBAs and FAAs, to intensive ongoing services including Behavior Intervention Implementation (BII) services. Our behavior services are targeted towards supporting students who spend most their school day in special education environments and the unique interventions this requires.  Our BIIs come into Dooley Corporation with experience which is then strengthened through ongoing training and top quality supervision.  Our Supervisor (BID) have years of experience supporting students with behavior challenges and specialized training and education in the science of  Behavior Certified Board Analysis, Positive Behavior Support, and Masters of Science and Counseling. Furthermore, Dooley Corporation always adheres to a collaborative model of intervention building support and consistency between teachers, families, peers and all other IEP team members. Our focus is to increase or strengthen pro-social (appropriate) behavior through reinforcement. All student services are customized to an individual and subsequent modifications in services are based on continuous data (not assumption).



This behavior intervention implementation service adds the “layer” of integration from the universal intervention to students for whom social emotional learning curriculum is not adequate.  The student’s behavior and self-regulation indicates a need for greater trust and stronger connectedness with the IEP team.  A BII Coach serves that 1:1 or individualized role (non-disciplinary, builds on SEL, provides examples and practice in context of the academic setting) the student is seeking.  Our Tier 1- 3 services goes beyond the targeted mental health or social emotional supports the identified student(s) is not successfully accessing. The program is targeted to students who may not find rapport with other staff members, and or other supports and services that are apart of their IEP.Our target students learn through practice and experience rather than talking, and who need a role model to connect to and who can support them and their families on a higher level to achieve the goals that has been set for them in their BIP's and IEP's.

Identified areas that the Program targets for successful intervention are: mental health, social emotional, relationships, and behavior problems.  Specific issues include but are not limited to: Absenteeism, addiction, aggression, anger management, anxiety, attention to task, bullying, eating disorders, depression, emotion regulation, identifying replacement behaviors, oppositional defiance, self-mutilation, self-image, self-regulation, and social skills.   


4. The program begins with assessment. Talking with caregivers, teachers, school admin, and parents (IEP Team) observing clients in their (natural) environment, and altering the environment enables our Behavior Intervention Implementation Coaches to get involved with the student so  plan to be created. Beyond the assessment, observation and initial meeting with our BII Coach our  Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will oversee the implementation of intervention. This BII Coach is responsible for gaining rapport with the student, following behavior plan protocol, and collecting data on all targeted behaviors. 


The Dooley Corporation is pleased to announce that we are now certified by the California Department of Education as a non-public agency (NPA)!


What does this mean?


The State of California requires that all agencies, private and public, wishing to contract with a public school district, receive approval and certification by the state for the programs they provide.  Public schools are required to provide a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) to special education students.  If a student’s special education needs cannot be met within the student’s district, the district may contract with an approved Non-Public Agency (NPA) for special education and related services.


In the case of Dooley Corporation, we have been approved and certified to work one-on-one either in our learning center or at the on-site location.


During this process of certification, the state  has reviewed all of our programs, as well as the credentials, licenses and qualifications of our staff.  We had to provide the state with substantial documentation regarding such areas as fingerprinting, TB tests, record keeping, licensing, special education credentialing and many other state regulations.  Our facilities were checked for safety, insurances and compliance with all California employment regulations.

Being a non-public agency (NPA) allows public school districts throughout California to start services and contract with Dooley Corp immediately.  By approving our agency, the state certifies that we are meeting high standards in both our programs and our staff.

The Dooley Corporation is pleased to work together with public school districts to develop appropriate services given through the student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP).  It is such an honor to be approved by the State Department of Education as a certified Non-Public Agency (NPA).

Monitoring of Program services

Organizational support team The BID from the Dooley Corporation and the appropriate school personnel staff:


The Dooley Corporation will have primary responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the Behavior Intervention Implementation Program, it is also important to have the BID (BCBA) from the Dooley Corporation, and at least one person from the school that serves as a liaison. This helps ensure that lines of communication remain open between The Dooley Corporation and the school, and helps promote buy-in from other school personnel. Depending upon the amount of time she or he can devote to the BII Program, the school liaison might also be responsible for, or help with, a number of important tasks. These could include identifying students who would benefit from a Behavior Intervention Implementation Coach, to providing the school orientation to new team members, promoting the program to teachers, and participating in all the communication between both parties as a liaison. It would be ideal for that person who has been at the school for a few years, knows the students and has positive relationships with them, and is not too overwhelmed by other duties.  A school counselor,Psychologist, Case Manager or other student support staff is often an ideal candidate.

As part of the IEP preparatory activities, the BID will collaborate and consult with the school-site team in the development of IEP components related to behavior prior to the IEP team meeting. This includes a behavior present level of performance, proposed behavior goal(s), and a revision of the treatment plan that addresses a generalization of skills and fading of supports (building independence) based on data collection and analysis.                                                                                                                                                 Any direct correspondence from the Dooley Corporation to the parent regarding student progress in the area of behavior must be authored or communicated by the BID. The school site (administrator/teacher) shall be included in this communication.


The program requires open four-way communication between The Dooley Corporation, the Family, and the School District. There will be a clear system in place for notifying the Behaviour Intervention Implementation Coach if the student is not in school on a scheduled meeting date, for notifying the student if the specialist has to miss a meeting, and for keeping the specialist informed about anything taking place at the school that she or he should know about. The Dooley Corporation is dedicated to address and resolve problems as soon as they arise. They will work together to resolve problems, recognize and respect the validity of the school’s experiences and points of view. 

The program begins with an assessment. Which includes:                                                                                                                                     -Reviewing current IEP to insure that all accomodations are being followed.                                                                                                                            -Talking with caregivers,teachers,school admin, and parents (IEP Team) observing clients in their (natural) environment, and altering the environment enables our Behaviour Intervention Implementation Coaches to get involved with the student so  plan to be created. Beyond the assessment, observation and initial meeting with our BII Coach our  Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will oversee the implementation of intervention.                                                                                                                                                                         The BII Coach is responsible for gaining rapport with the student, following behavior plan protocol, and collecting data on all targeted behaviors.                                                                                               School administrators should attempt to resolve any concerns regarding performance at the school-site level. School administrators may initially address any concerns regarding the BII to the BID. If concerns persist or there are concerns regarding the BID, school administrators may contact the CEO. District special education staff may be contacted for support as well should these attempts fail to adequately resolve the situation                                                                                                                                                                                             In rare instances of emergency intervention, the following procedure must be followed:

The parent must be notified within one (1) school day of intervention. A “Behavior Emergency Report” must immediately be completed by staff or BID and distributed in the following manner:

- 2 copies to the parent or care provider: one for them to review, sign and return and one for the parent or care provider’s personal file. Keep the parent signed BER with the student’s file.

- 1 copy to Site Administrator

- 1 copy to School Psychologist

- 1 copy to Dooley Corporation BID (BCBA)

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